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Contracts & Pricing

Our Radius™ product line allows sales and contract administration organizations to streamline the contract generation process, pricing approval process and implement contract pricing guidelines in accordance with their requirements.

Clients of HCBS also have a systematic mechanism through which contracts can be renewed automatically with built-in pricing increases, volume adjustments and other required changes.

In addition, our clients are able to prevent contract overlapping, track contract performance and profitability, and view and analyze market trends to help them assess their market position to make the necessary adjustments that improve profitability.

Sales Force

Within Radius™, our Mobile Sales Force™ product group will provide sales representatives with facilities to create contract proposals at customer sites, check contract product pricing, get feedback on contract bids and answer customer inquiries more promptly and accurately.

Online access to rich information sources via our hosted ClientSite™ service will help managers and reps to better understand their customer’s business models, histories and ongoing requirements.

Combined, these benefits will help reps close the right deals quickly, with the right pricing, improve the efficiency of the sales cycle and pave the way for business growth.


Through Radius™, Marketing and management will have access to valuable information, standard reporting and querying facilities like sales performance analysis by product, distributor, end user customer, GPO, sales trends, product average selling price and more. These resources help companies to market their products more effectively and extend their reach in the industry.

The abundant data-stores that are a byproduct of using our services and products support marketing and management with critical long-term business decisions.


Our products and services provide C-Level Executives, their companies and their stockholders with improved performance through cost savings, maximum efficiencies in sales, marketing and management, reduced infrastructure and as a result, a better overall ROI which may have a positive impact on valuation and share price.

As the use of our services reach critical mass in the industry, we may be able to provide access to a substantial data-clearing house providing innumerable resources for applying business/market intelligence to strategic business development initiatives.



The Radius™ product line will provide your finance and accounting organization with the information and reports it needs to credit and debit accounts and reconcile internal and external transactions (e.g., commissions, rebates, fees, distributor shipment/end user customer invoice data reconciliation, etc.). Our goal in this area is to facilitate an automated round trip or closed loop system so that updating accounting information is seamless and efficient. Accurate financial data is critical to reducing A/R and credit and collections hassles. Automating the process ensures that you will up to date financial information for making contracting and selling decisions.

Information Technology

By using the Radius™ product line and the services of HCBS, Information technology organizations are able to:

  • Minimize costly EDI implementations for acquiring sales tracings and rebate claims

  • Problematic data migration and systems integration tasks

  • Minimize continuous data synchronization and infrastructure development costs (hardware, software, telecommunications infrastructure, software/web developers, data access agents, data analysts, data processing agents and clerical staff)

This allows our clients to focus their IT resources on strategic development and support of core business initiatives.

Trading Partners

By implementing the Radius™ product line, trading partner relationships can improve substantially providing distributors with accurate and timely rebates and GPO's with accurate and timely fees and up-to-date sales information.

In addition, enhanced information sharing activities between trading partners will yield improvements in inter-company processes, promotional programs and reduce the overall costs of doing business.


Most importantly though, consumers will benefit through better pricing programs and better access to health care products and services due to cost reductions and improved efficiencies in the new supply chain.

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