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Services Overview

Although companies operating in the Med / Surg sector of the health care industry face the same challenges, they may use slightly different approaches to solving problems and working with their trading partners. HCBS has developed a very flexible and powerful set of tools, processes and procedures to manage the ongoing transaction processing lifecycle. This flexibility allows us to offer a “cafeteria-plan” approach to providing services that let companies select the products and services that they need based upon their company’s requirements and resources.

HCBS has invested significant time and resources and placed great emphasis on making our solutions cost effective and profitable. That means that savings may be garnered through improvements in the accuracy of calculating sales commissions, GPO fees and distributor chargebacks. In fact, we have the most comprehensive and flexible sales attribution system in the industry. Additional benefits are gained through general improvements in operational proficiency and through reduced sales cycles that allow your Sales Organization to close the right deals more quickly. Based upon our experience with Med / Surg manufacturers, it is possible to save enough money to pay for our services or a portion thereof by reducing rebate claim payments, GPO fees, and sales commissions through accurate rebate reconciliation, transaction settlement and compensation distribution.

Our “cafeteria-plan” approach will allow you to select the services and products that your company needs. As long as we have the requisite data to provide a selected processing or reporting service, then we can do so. Our goal is to establish the most efficient and cost effective operational structure for managing ongoing and evolving requirements. Please contact us if you wish to learn more about the services that HCBS can offer your company and how they can help you to reach your goals and objectives.

Facility Identification

One of the greatest challenges that health care companies (manufacturers, distributors, GPO's, IDN's, providers, etc.) deal with is identification. Difficulties in idenfication include products, contracts, units of measure, facilities and other shared content. However, automatically identifying facility information with certainty is the most problematic. The identifiers, sources and variants for facility information is spread out over the entire industry. Facility identification is critical to the management of distributor and GPO relationships. HCBS now has over 900,000 facilities standardized in its Universal Database.

GPO Membership

HCBS is working very hard to support our client's efforts to work more closely with Group Purchasing Organizations and their Members. Our Identity™ and Membership™ facilities working in concert with selected products from our DataWorks™ product group can really help those manufacturers who struggle with GPO reporting requirements. More manufacturers are executing GPO contracts to expand their customer base. However, the only way to keep those contracts is to administer them properly. If you don't, you could either lose your GPO contract and a growing base of business, or lose money by overpaying chargebacks and fees.

Sample Catalog of Services

- Trading Partner Relations & Relationship Management
- Operational Analysis & Planning
- Policy & Procedure
- Analytics & Performance Analysis
- Management Consulting


- Data Acquisition & Aggregation
- Data Structure Mapping, Formatting, Porting & Migration
- Data Analysis, Validation, Cleansing & Refinement
- Data Identification, Translation & Cross-referencing
- Contract Management (Initiation, Renewal & Performance)
- Pricing Management
- Name & Address Correction/Standardization & End User Identification
- GPO Member/Facility Identification & Correlation
- Transaction Processing (Sales Tracings & Rebate Claims)
- Transaction Reconciliation & Settlement
- Sales Attribution & Sales Force Administration
- Financial Settlement & Accounting System Integration
- Data Distribution (Internal/External Systems)
- Reporting for Sales Commissions
- Reporting for GPO Fees & GPO Member Rebates
- Reporting for Sales & Performance Analysis
- Report/Information Distribution (Internal/External Organizations)
- Business Intelligence Solutions, Dashboards, Analytics, Scorecards, etc.
- Business Process Engineering
- Database Engineering, Development, Implementation & Management
- Custom Application/Report Development, Implementation & Management
- Internet Site Development, Hosting, Implementation & Management
- Implementation Planning, Execution & Management
- Education & Training


- Mobile Solutions for Sales Organization, Management, etc.
- Access to ERP Data Resources (Orders, Inventor, Accounting, etc.)
- Data warehouse data mapping and porting facilities
- Custom Analytics Tools & Reporting
- Combined Direct & Contract Sales Processing & Reporting
- Contract Compliance/Performance Analytics & Reporting
- Sale Alignment & Optimization
- Sales Performance Analytics & Reporting
- Sales Quota, Goals & Forecast
- External ID Cross-Referencing (HIN/GLN/DEA/GPO)
- Data Warehouse Data Packaging & Update
- Generation/Distribution of Custom Reports
- Monthly Data Packaging & Distribution For Data Sharing

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