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A Measurable ROI - 10 Different Ways!

In part, HCBS is a Software As Service (SAS) business formally referred to as Application Service Provider (ASP) or in some cases referred to as a Managed Service Provider (MSP).  A large component of our business is on the services side and can be of great value to manufacturers, distributors/wholesalers, Group Purchasing Organizations, Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN's) and any other entity in the health care industry that struggles with the difficulties of information sharing, business integration, supply chain efficiencies and business intelligence.

We have worked with more than 300 distributors and all of the major Group Purchasing Organizations. We support all of the major database management systems -- Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL and Interbase.  Our Radius™ Product Line is an enterprise level offering that can support general and company specific requirements and interface where applicable, with all of the major ERP and accounting/financial systems -- SAP, Oracle/PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Great Plains, etc.

HCBS can provide an end to end solution that meets all of your transaction processing and business intelligence needs. Utilization of the products and services that we offer yield Operational Efficiencies, Managerial Efficiencies, Cost Reductions, Overpayment Prevention, Increased Capabilities, Increased Control, Increased Flexibility, Increased Sales, Increased Profitability and Increased Market Share!

Facilities for Modeling and Managing the Infrastructure

- Organization Modeling; Company, Division, Sales Organization, Corporate/National Accounts, Sales Attribution, Sales Goals, Sales Focus, Personnel

- Trading Partners; Distributors, GPO’s, IDN’s, Membership/Facilities & End User Customers, Data Translation & Identification

- Product Catalog Information Modeling; Packaging Levels, Identifiers, Standard/Frozen

- Standard Cost, Suggested Resale, Average Selling Price

- Distributor/Wholesaler/Master Dealer/Dealer Pricing & Price Modeling

- Contract Management System Options & Business Rules

- Transaction Management System Options & Business Rules

Contract Management, Renewals and Notification

- Comprehensive contract management solution designed specifically for use by Med / Surg manufacturers that produces professional, extensible and reproducible contracts

- Support for all commonly used types of contracts (cross-industry)

- Contract price modeling with unlimited what-if’s and facilities that allow contracts to be built in minutes and emailed directly from within Radius™ with a click of a button!

- Facilities for automating the contract renewal process, price increases and notification to the sales force, distributors and end user customers or other trading partners that aid in the prevention of future rebate claim variances and disputes

- Global and/or Individual User Defined Contract Terms, Freight Terms, Payment Terms and Pricing Escalation Term

Solutions for Transaction Processing, Adjudication and Reporting

- Sophisticated sales tracing and chargeback processing facilities; Rules based decision engine based upon expert knowledge and years of experience

- Interactive transaction worksheet and transaction settlement facilities

- Transaction entry facilities to support distributors that can only send paper

- Validation errors explained in detail on standard chargeback report; Ability to track sales information from distributors, sales settlement and settlement recommendations at each transaction invoice level

- Reporting solutions to output errors and exceptions in distributor’s input format to facilitate expedient rebate settlement

- Tools to output debit/credit notifications and files to automate accounting system update

Services and Products to Support Sales and Marketing

- Sales Organization Management Facilities – Traditional Sales Organization (Hierarchical) & Corporate/National Accounts (Linear w/Parentage)

- Internet based ClientSite™ and hosted solution for providing dynamic access to data and ReportingWorks™ tools – Dashboards, Charts/Graphs, Reports, SnapShots™, Applications, Business Reviews & Business Profiles

- Growing catalog of reporting solutions accessible from within ReportingWorks™

- Extensive data repository to support analytics and business intelligence for sales and marketing

- Solutions to support management/marketing view of distributor & end user sales-Dashboards, Charts/Graphs, Queries, Extracts, SnapShots™, etc.

- Mobile Sales Force™ for supporting a full array of field sales activities – strategic and tactical

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