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A World Apart

As you know, the health care industry requires manufacturers to access, translate, audit and report all transactions processed through their distribution channels to pay sales commissions, GPO fees, GPO member rebates and manage distributor charge-backs.

After these operational and financial requirements are fulfilled, there is tremendous wealth of information that manufacturers can use to measure performance, make pertinent business decisions and set future goals and objectives.

Access to clean and valid information is critical to the ongoing success for any sales organization in the health care industry. Managing this process successfully is impossible without the right infrastructure. 

HCBS has brought its experience, expertise, its Radius™ Product Line and its services together to provide real solutions to solve these problems on an evolving basis and to help health care companies use the rich informational resources produced from managing this process effectively.

Benefits from Partnering with HCBS


- Proven Solutions, Standards & Practices

- Faster Deployment, Lower Cost of Ownership, Flexibility or Full Utilization

- High System Reliability, Scalability, Abstract Solutions

- Support for Multiple/Mixed Business Models

- Reduced Business Risk, Economies of Scale & Quicker ROI

- Single/Unified Solution & Point of Contact

- State of the Art Technology

- Expert Technical Advice & Support

Helping Companies Manage, Grow & Profit


- Infrastructure Development, Implementation & Management

- Data Acquisition, Transformation/Unification & Cleansing

- Transaction Processing, Validation & Settlement

- Business Intelligence, Information/Knowledge Management & Distribution

- Reducing Costs & Overpayments

- Increasing Sales & Profits

HCBS Triangulation Strategy

Clean & Reliable Data
Services to procure, unify, standardize, process, reconcile, settle and report sales transactions, rebate/chargeback claims, GPO fees and sales commissions on a consistent basis

Solutions for Managing the Infrastructure
Software products and Internet sites that allow our clients to profile, implement and maintain infrastructures and relationships – Sales Organization, Trading Partners, Product Catalog, Pricing, Contracts, Transactions, etc.

Business Intelligence & Knowledge Management
Extensive set of tools that allow our clients to fully utilize the wealth of data that we provide for managing operational requirements, fulfilling trading partner obligations, managing organizational resources and applying strategies and tactics that lead to continued success in the marketplace
Challenges In Health Care


- Lack of Standardization

- Disparate Systems

- Relationship Management

- Information Sharing

- Identity Crisis

Perils Of Going It Alone


- Unforeseen Expenses/Project Scope Creep

- Unproven Architectures & Technologies

- Unproven Business Rules, Formularies, Methodologies

- Unknown System Reliability & Security

- Increased Costs & Delays

- Multiple Sources for Components, Services & Solutions

- Diversion/Diffusion of Resources from Core Business

- Continual Redevelopment/Technology Cycles

- Changing Business Models/Trading Partner Requirements

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