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Radius™ :: Connecting People with Information

Health Care Business Services HCBS has developed an enterprise scale product line called Radius™ containing product groups with discrete modules that are used to acquire, process, and distribute data, information and reports back to clients and online through its hosted service. The slogan for our Radius™ product line is "Connecting people with information". In truth, our efforts go far beyond the scope of turning raw data into information and apply directly to the process of helping people use information to facilitate and manage change, growth and innovation.

HCBS has invested significant time and resources and placed great emphasis on making our solutions cost effective and profitable. That means that savings may be garnered through improvements in the accuracy of calculating sales commissions, GPO fees and distributor chargebacks. In fact, we have the most comprehensive and flexible sales attribution system in the industry.

Additional benefits are gained through general improvements in operational proficiency and through reduced sales cycles that allow your Sales Organization to close the right deals more quickly. Based upon our experience with Med / Surg manufacturers, it is possible to save enough money to pay for our services or a portion thereof by reducing rebate claim payments, GPO fees, and sales commissions through accurate rebate reconciliation, transaction settlement and compensation distribution.

Please contact us if you wish to learn more about our Radius™ product line and how it can help reach your goals and objectives!

Online Demo
Health Care Business Services has developed a demo site to show clients and prospects some of the facilities that they will have access to with a Radius™ subscription. If you are interested in a demo, please contact HCBS via email at Sales@HCBS.com or via telephone at 401.334.6734.
Radius™ Product Groups

is used to acquire, sort, aggregate, track and manage all data; refined information is distributed to production systems, clients and trading partners via AccessWorks™.

Encompasses several processes to access, validate, clean, translate, cross-reference and transform data for processing, refinement and distribution via DataWorks™ and the Idenity™ and Membership™ modules.

is used to administer and process client transactions and data in accordance with standard industry practices and client service requirements (e.g., pricing & contract management, sales tracings & rebate reconciliation, transaction settlement, sales attribution, GPO fee calculation, etc.).

contains solutions for creating and maintaining Dashboards, Graphs, Charts, Reports, SnapShots™, Extracts, Queries, Business Profiles and Business Reviews. Modules from within DataWorks™, ReportingWorks™ and AccessWorks™ are used to perform the final steps necessary for making content available to each client and the cycle begins again!

is our hosted ClientSite™ product/service offering that provides secure access online to critical reporting and data sharing facilities; Dashboards, Graphs, Charts, Reports, Queries, Business Profiles and Business Reviews.

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