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Our clients benefit from the valuable services, solutions and resources that Health Care Business Services provides. Although we carefully protect the confidentiality of our growing base of clients and customers, we will provide references to those who are seriously considering an opportunity to work with HCBS. We provide clean, concise translated data back to our clients so that they can accurately pay sales commissions, rebate claims and GPO fees. We also assist our clients by helping them to achieve a greater integration with their trading partner’s data sources and systems through standardization and technology. Beyond the operational efficiencies that we extend to our clients, reside the greater benefits of strategic and tactical use of sales and marketing information for managing growth and profitability on a macro and micro basis. Overall, it is our objective to help companies in the Health Care Industry to:

  • Manage contracts, rebates, sales tracings and all forms of control and supply chain data sources
  • Provide consistent and reliable reporting to all stakeholders
  • Reduce the costs of doing business
  • Improve sales volumes and profitability
  • Deliver the best deals to end-users and consumers yet still turn a profit!
  • Target the right product/company acquisitions and mergers and help manage the integration process
  • Optimize salesforce effectiveness, product pricing, product positioning and sales forecasting, etc.

We believe that all of this is possible through the progressive utilization of our solutions and the business strategies and practices that tie it all together.


Health Care Business Services has established good working relationships with all of the major distributors and many of the regional wholesalers and dealers. We provide many options for reporting sales tracings and chargeback claims and will work with any standardized (EDI, XML, EBXML, etc.) or data oriented proprietary format (CSV, Excel, Text, Fixed, etc.) and structure. We have worked with over 300 distributors and can work with any distributor in the industry to help you maximize your distributor relationships and improve your market position.

GPO's, IDN's & Providers

HCBS works with all of the major GPO's, IDN's and provider groups in the country. We are working diligently to support our client’s efforts to work more closely with Group Purchasing Organizations and their Members to expand the reach of their products in the marketplace. Many companies do not have the right solutions to manage these relationships and consequently credit or pay invalid chargeback claims and over calculate GPO fees. HCBS has a comprehensive solution for your company. We can help you avoid the pitfalls of backlogged or unreconciled receivables and the overpayment of fees.

Technology Partners

At HCBS, we aspire to be the best at what we do in the industry. Our solutions and services continue to grow and expand to meet the evolving needs of our clients and customers. To accomplish these objectives, we partner with companies who provide world-class solutions and services consistently and cost effectively. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients succeed in delivering the best health care products and services to people who need them most at a price that everyone can afford.

Internet Commerce Corporation is a leader in the e-commerce business-to-business communication services market. ICC.NET, the company’s global Internet-based value added network, provides complete supply chain connectivity solutions for EDI/EC while also offering users a sophisticated vehicle to securely transact files of any format and size. ICC offers a broad range of consulting services including, XML technologies, data transformation, custom application development, an EDI service bureau, as well as comprehensive e-commerce education. ICC uniquely bridges the legacy investments of yesterday to today’s Internet technologies. For further information, visit www.icc.net.

Borland Corporation


Sun Microsystems

Oracle Corporation

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