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People Managing contracts, membership, pricing, compliance, renewals, rebates, sales tracings and all of the data translation and identification requirements effectively is a challenge that many companies have struggled with for years. Regardless of their size, companies must have the right solutions in place to operate effectively in this marketspace. In 1996, the Efficient Healthcare Consumer Response (EHCR) published the results of a comprehensive study that summarized the opportunities for cost savings and greater efficiencies in the U.S. health care environment.

Key findings by the EHCR are as follows:

  • $23 billion in supply chain process costs; Approximately $11 billion or 48% are avoidable
  • Costs are recoverable through the implementation of three efficiency-oriented strategies and through the adoption of four industry-wide enablers
  • The three recommended strategies are Efficient Product Movement, Efficient Order Management and Efficient Information Sharing
  • The four industry-wide enablers are Partnerships and Alliances, Change Management, Information Technology and Activity-Based Costing

The EHCR study further quantifies their cost savings analysis and applies figures to each strategy and enabler. What has prevented health care companies from implementing and adopting EHCR recommendations in the past was the lack of specific solutions that apply to each strategy and enabler. Health Care Business Services has developed those solutions to help make the EHCR vision a reality!

It is our objective to help companies in the Health Care Industry to:

  • Manage contracts, rebates, sales tracings and all forms of control and supply chain oriented data sources
  • Provide consistent and reliable reporting to all stakeholders
  • Reduce the costs of doing business
  • Improve sales volumes and profitability
  • Deliver the best deals to end-users and consumers yet still turn a profit
  • Target the right product/company acquisitions and mergers and help manage the integration process
  • Optimize salesforce effectiveness, product pricing, product positioning and sales forecasting, etc.

We believe that all of this is possible through the progressive utilization of our solutions and the business strategies and practices that tie it all together. It is through a direct and deliberate process with expected outcomes through which these objectives will be met or exceeded.


EHCR Glossary published in 1996 by the consortium of supplier, distributor and healthcare provider organizations

Whitepaper: Managing Transactions and relationships in the Med / Surg sector of the Health Care Industry


The following links have been chosen due to the tremendous value that these organizations have provided to various industries—including Health Care. We encourage you to visit their sites to access valuable resources and assess the impact of their work on your company's future.

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Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards

The XML Industry Portal (XML.org)

Electronic Business XML (OASIS and UN/CEFACT-ebxml.org

Business Process Management Initiative

United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT)

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