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People The HCBS Radius™ Product Line with its Adaptive User Interface™ technology is designed specifically for health care companies. It is by far, the most advanced offering in the industry. In summary:

- HCBS provides a modern and flexible set of solutions for managing pricing, contracts, compliance, renewals, rebates/charge-backs, sales tracings, commissions, GPO Fees, etc. that can be customized to meet special requirements, adhere to your business rules and procedures and work effectively in your environment.

- HCBS provides online reporting and data management capabilities that will meet your specific needs, support your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) requirements and interface with your ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) system. Our online data access and reporting facilities are very flexible and dynamic and offer complete administrative control to our clients.

- HCBS can transition you from your present environment in parallel and minimize your staff’s involvement in a very short period of time and move you into production mode when you are satisfied with the results.

- HCBS has significant resources, experience and expertise in developing software, Internet sites, reporting solutions, data warehousing and custom applications.  In addition, we have well over a decade of experience in developing solutions for Med / Surg and the health care industry in general.

- HCBS licenses its products and provides its services at very competitive rates and will reduce your workload through our custom configurable ClientSites™, pre-developed reports and queries and meet your evolving needs

- HCBS is establishing long-term partnerships and providing real solutions at a reasonable cost and targeting a measurable/visible ROI in multiple categories (e.g., Operational Efficiencies, Managerial Efficiencies, Cost Reductions, Overpayment Prevention, Increased Sales, Increased Profits, Increased Market-Share)

- HCBS can provide your company with a customized proposal based upon your specific requirements

Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss how you and your company can begin to benefit from a strategic relationship with HCBS. We have the tools, technologies, expertise and experience to help you meet your finanicial and operational goals and objectives.


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