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About HCBS

PeopleHealth Care Business Services, LLC has been in business since 2001 and has worked with more than 300 distributors and all of the major GPO’s in the health care industry.  Our Radius™ product line is an enterprise-level offering that is complementary to ERP/accounting systems and provides companies with a framework to solve problems that those systems do not; the management of their trading partners’ supply chain data.

We help health care companies overcome the challenges of information sharing, business integration, supply chain inefficiencies and the dissemination of business intelligence. Health Care Business Services has developed an efficient and cost effective operational structure for managing ongoing and evolving requirements and our “cafeteria-plan” approach allows our clients to select the services and products that they need.

Founded - 2001 (Previous entities with similar industry involvement beginning in 1988)

Location - Rhode Island, USA

Ownership - Privately Owned

Marketspace - Health Care Industry; Expanding Markets

Through the use of our Radius™ product line and our catalog of services, HCBS is able to support companies by providing:

Clean & Reliable Data :: Services to procure, unify, standardize, process and reconcile sales transactions, rebate/chargeback claims and end user customer information on a consistent basis.

Solutions for Managing the Infrastructure :: Software products and Internet sites that allow our clients to profile, implement and maintain infrastructures and relationships – Sales Organization, Trading Partners, Product Catalog, Pricing, Contracts, Transactions, Sales, etc.

Business Intelligence & Knowledge Management :: Extensive set of tools that allow our clients to fully utilize the wealth of data that we provide for managing operational requirements, fulfilling trading partner obligations, managing organizational resources and applying strategies and tactics that lead to continued success in the marketplace.

HCBS has continually demonstrated its extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in the areas that are vital to revenue management in the Med / Surg sector of the Health Care Industry.  As a result, HCBS has become an integral part, trusted partner and reliable source of information, expertise and counsel to all of its clients, customers and industry partners.


The Health Care Industry impacts the lives of every human being in the world today.  Our lives depend on health care and its future.

At Health Care Business Services, we are contributing to the continuing innovation, evolution and advancement of health care products and services.  Our enterprise level systems and services working in concert with our mobile computing initiatives reduce the cost of doing business for our clients, create operating efficiencies and provide them with strategic and tactical advantages.

We believe that through technology, best practices and efficient business systems, affordable health care can be accessible to everyone and health care companies can concentrate their resources on improving the quality of life for all.

Our mission is to establish long-term partnerships with companies by providing real solutions at a reasonable cost and targeting a measurable, visible ROI in multiple categories (e.g., Operational Efficiencies, Managerial Efficiencies, Cost Reductions, Overpayment Prevention, Increased Sales, Increased Profits, and Increased Market-Share).

More specifically, HCBS:

- Facilitates efficient information flow between supply chain partners by providing solutions for data transformation, standardization, translation, identification and transaction management

- Helps clients develop, implement and maintain efficient internal processes for managing data, supply chain interaction/integration, transaction reconciliation and settlement

- Provides business/market intelligence and information/knowledge management and sharing solutions to enable clients and trading partners to continuously improve growth and profitability

- Provide education and training to industry executives, management and staff



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